Nasa posts fascinating picture of 5th brightest galaxy in the sky

Nasa, March 20: If you’re among them, you will love this new post by the space agency which shows different pictures of Centaurus A, the 5th brightest galaxy in the sky.

In dust we trust,” reads the opening line of the description shared alongside the pictures. The next few lines explain about Centaurus A.

Centaurus A is the 5th brightest galaxy in the sky — making it an ideal target for amateur astronomers — and is famous for the dust lane across its middle and a giant jet blasting away from the supermassive black hole at its centre!” the caption says further. However that is not all, the caption also describes the pictures and explains they show Centaurus A in visible light, X-ray light, infrared light, and radio light.

Since being posted a little over nine hours ago, the post has already gathered more than 1.3 million likes – and the numbers are quickly increasing. It has also accumulated tons of comments from people. While many who wrote “Wow” to express their reactions, some shared heart emojis.

Jaw = dropped,” wrote an Instagram user. “Stunning,” shared another. “The universe is so beautiful,” said a third.