Assam CM Nitish Kumar

Guwahati, Aug 11: Assam CM Himamnta Biswa Sarma on Wednesday said he has also changed his political party, but Nitish Kumar is a magrdarshak for all those who want to change party every six months.

Talking about the recent political development in Bihar, Himanta said, “But how can you guarantee that Nitish Kumar will not again go out of that coalition after six months or eight months? Because he is the most unpredictable person. We have also changed political parties, but we have not changed like him. So, he is a margdarshak for everybody who wants to change the party in every six months.”

Nitish Kumar took the oath as the chief minister of Bihar for the 8th time, a day after he broke the alliance with the NDA in the state and forged a new alliance with the RJD, the Congress, the Left parties, HAM.

The dramatic developments in Bihar took place within a few days after RCP Singh’s exit from JD(U). Nitish Kumar convened a meeting of the party MLAs and MPs on Tuesday where he alleged that the BJP with which the JD(U) was in an alliance since 2017 was trying to break his party. Within hours, the Mahagathbandhan staked a claim to form the government in Bihar.

On Wednesday, Nitish Kumar took the oath as the chief minister, and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav was sworn in as the deputy chief minister.

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The BJP has dismissed the claims of Nitish Kumar that it was trying to break the party and reiterated how the BJP respected Nitish Kumar by allowing him to lead the alliance in Bihar.

On Wednesday, BJP’s Sushil Kumar Modi hinted that the fallout between Nitish Kumar and the BJP was because Nitish Kumar was not made the country’s vice-president.

The change of guard in Bihar has also been compared with that of the recent power shift in Maharashtra and Himanta Biswa’s name has come into the discourse as Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said there was no cash, Assam CM, resort visit involved in Bihar operation and the entire thing was done in a civilized manner.