Odisha labourer earning lakhs on YouTube after losing a job in lockdown

Odisha, July 10: Coronavirus has become a curse for most people but some are blessed during the crisis. A labourer from Odisha has become an internet sensation and is earning lakhs from his YouTube channel. Most of his videos go viral soon after being made available online. Isak Munda has over 752k subscribers on his YouTube channel titled Isak Munda Eating.

Life has never been easy for Isak Munda, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Not even in his dream did he ever think that he will be successful after losing out on his savings during the country-wide lockdown.

Before becoming a YouTube star, Isak the labourer from Odisha had his own share of struggle, living in a thatched hut with his wife, two daughters, and a son, in Babupali village under the Jujumura block of Odisha’s Sambalpur district.

35-year-old Isak is a school dropout and able to complete his studies till Class 7 only. Before the pandemic broke out, Isak was employed as a construction worker but he lost his job due to the lockdown. As the situation worsened, Isak lost his savings while unemployed, at home.

As days passed, Isak struggled to arrange two square meals for his family. Soon after, his friends suggested that he should try launching his own channel on YouTube and monetize it.

Thereafter, he borrowed some money from his friends and with his own savings of Rs 3,000, bought a smartphone. After that, he started recording videos of his daily activities and uploaded them to YouTube.

His YouTube channel ‘Isak Munda Eating’ is all about food, food vlogs, and such challenges.

Social media users enjoyed watching his videos as viewers could catch a glimpse of rural life. His videos started doing well and collected millions of views. He also gets support from other YouTubers.

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One of Isak’s videos titled ‘Fish and Rice Eating Indian Village’ has garnered over 12 lakh views.

While sharing his story, Isak Munda said, “We are daily wage earners. If we don’t earn on a daily basis, we can’t eat. After the lockdown in 2020, we were in a dilemma as to how to survive.”

Once, my daughter was watching a video on YouTube with her friends. I thought people might be interested in watching videos such as the food habits of tribals living in interior areas. I realized that I can also earn from it. So, I started shooting and uploading videos to YouTube,” he added.