Weekend curfew

Agartala, July 10: The Tripura government has imposed a weekend curfew starting from Saturday 12 noon to Monday 6 am with various restrictions.

As per the notice issued by the government, “the situation has been reviewed in detail by the State Government and it is felt necessary to extend Corona day curfew/Corona night curfew and Weekend Curfew.”

The following ULBs in order to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Agartala Municipal Corporation
  2. Ranirbazar Municipal Council
  3. Jirania Nagar Panchayat
  4. Udaipur Municipal Council
  5. Kailashahar Municipal Council
  6. Dharmanagar Municipal Council
  7. Khowai Municipal Council
  8. Belonia Municipal Council
  9. Kumarghat Municipal Council
  10. Teliamura Municipal Council
  11. Sonamura Nagar Panchayat
  12. Amarpur Nagar Panchayat
  13. Sabroom Nagar Panchayat

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As per the notice, the weekend curfew is imposed from 12 noon on 10th July to 6 AM on 12th July. The imposition of Corona day curfew w.e.f. 2 PM to 6 PM from 12 July 2021 to 16 July 2021 in the jurisdiction of above mentioned ULBs and AMC. Along with a night, curfew is imposed throughout the state w.e.f. 6 PM to 5 AM from 12 July 2021 to 17th July 2021.

Following Restrictions shall be in force throughout the State

  • All types of super spreading events and gathering like social/ political/entertainment/ religious/ academic/cultural/ fair/ festival related congregation will remain ceased at all times. No meeting /gathering at any open or closed spaces will be allowed except for essential government meetings with up to 50 participants depending on the size of the meeting halls (up to a maximum of 30% of capacity) by maintaining aggressive COVID appropriate behavior to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus. Video recording shall be done for any such events to ensure that restrictions were maintained.
  • Movie halls/multiplexes, shopping complex/Malls/Gymnasium/ Swimming pool, Beauty parlors, Barbershops, sports complexes & stadia, entertainment parks, Bars and Auditoriums, Assembly halls, and similar places will remain closed at all times. All standalone shops and commercial establishments shall remain open only from 5 AM to 2 PM (However, these shall be closed during weekend curfew). Shop owners will ensure social distancing among customers, wearing of masks among customers. Shopping malls and market complexes will remain closed at all times. Bazaar committees should deploy volunteers to ensure social distancing. Medicines shops shall remain open at all times.
  • Restaurants/Dhaba will operate only up to 2 PM. Restaurants in hotels will operate up to 2 PM for outside guests (However, these shall be closed during weekend curfew). In-house guests will avail of services at all times. The number of persons allowed inside the Restaurant/Dhaba will be not more than one person per 36 sq. ft. of the indoor area including shop owners and their service personnel.
  • All Government and non-government offices shall operate at 50% attendance. Staggered timing shall be followed for staff that attends office. 10 am -4 pm, 10:30 am-430 pm and 11 am to 5 pm to ease out congestion on the transport system. The Aggressive COVID appropriate behavior has to be followed by officials and staff of all categories
  • No movement of persons shall be allowed during weekend curfew other than for essential requirements. On other days, people should strictly avoid unnecessary movement outside the home or workplace. In case of need, movement may be allowed by following aggressive COVID-appropriate behavior. All persons other than family members (not as a member of a family) shall maintain strictly 6 feet (2 Yards X 2 Yards) distance from each other on roads and other public places at all times. Only family members are exempted (they can walk on-road and other places together).
  • Marriages functions will be allowed with the presence of maximum of 50 persons following aggressive COVID appropriate behavior.
  • Funeral/ last rites shall not be more than 20 persons
  • All religious places shall remain closed for the public. However, the religious head of a religious place or rituals/prayers maintaining aggressive COVID appropriate behavior. his representative may perform regular religious
  • Wearing face cover is compulsory in public places, in all workplaces, and during transport.