Pasighat-Pangin Tran Arunachal Highway cut off at 36.6 KM due to incessant rain

Arunachal, June 28: A portion of Pasighat-Pangin Tran Arunachal Highway cut off at 36.6 KM near Rottung village due to incessant rain.

Due to incessant rain for the last some days, the Pasighat-Pangin Trans-Arunachal Highway was cut off near Rottung village, Egar Korong (river) area locally called ‘Lelek Erak’ after the portion of the road slid off to the deep gorge down to the Siang River.

After the snapped off of the road, some 36.6 KM from Pasighat, Pangin, Boleng, and other villages under Siang district was completely disconnected from Pasighat as this road was the only lifeline of the new district.

The other roads connecting Pangin-Boleng and its villages are from Geku-Maryang via Pasighat-Maryang-Yingkiong road under Upper Siang district and Aalo, Basar from West Siang District which is too long for travelling to Pangin-Boleng.

Taking up the concern of the general public of the Siang District to the Highway Department, the Adi Baane Kebang Youth has urged the Executive Engineer, Highway to restore the cut-off road as early as possible. Speaking about the importance of the Pasighat-Pangin road, ABKYW, President, Joluk Minung said that this road is the lifeline of the people of Siang district and its early restoration is the need of the hour.

I have appealed to the highway department to at least arrange an alternative footpath road so that people in an emergency could travel through the road”, added ABKYW President, Joluk Minung.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Er. Dabe Perme, Executive Engineer, Highway informed that the cut off portion (30-meter length) will require a minimum of 15 days’ time to restore provided road construction machinery are available.

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The work for construction of an alternative emergency connectivity narrow footpath road will begin from Monday. I am also approaching and liaisoning with all the contractors of Pasighat-Pangin and Pasighat-Yingkiong road after which TK Engineering has already arranged 1 Excavator and KNR Enterprises for rock breaker/rock drilling so that early restoration could be done”, added Er. Perme.

However, it is notable to mention here that the incessant rain in the region is likely to damage more portion of roads in the Pasighat-Pangin Tran Arunachal Highway and Pasighat-Mariyang-Yingkiong road as landslide is common in these stretches of the roads due to loose formation of base soil and gravel in the outer Himalayan Mountain.