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Washington, DC, June 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a remarkable gift to US First Lady Dr. Jill Biden during his visit to the White House in Washington, DC. The gift in question was a lab-grown 7.5-carat green diamond, carefully crafted to exhibit the same chemical and optical properties as earth-mined diamonds.

What makes this diamond even more special is its eco-friendly nature, as it was created using sustainable resources like solar and wind power.

The meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Joe Biden at the White House was preceded by a warm welcome from both President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The occasion included a private dinner where the President’s favorite foods, including pasta and ice cream, were served.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval also joined the dinner, as mentioned in a statement from the White House.



The gift of the lab-grown green diamond from PM Modi to First Lady Jill Biden holds great significance. Not only does it symbolize the traditional qualities found in natural diamonds, but it also represents the importance of sustainable practices.

The diamond’s creation involved the use of eco-diversified resources such as solar and wind power, emphasizing India’s commitment to responsible luxury and sustainable international relations.

The diamond was presented in a beautifully crafted papier mache box, known as kar-e-kalamdani. This intricate art form from Kashmir involves meticulous preparation of paper pulp and skilled artisans painting elaborate designs.

Inside the box, several other meaningful items were included. These included ghee, or clarified butter, sourced from Punjab, a handwoven textured tussar silk cloth from Jharkhand, long-grained rice from Uttarakhand, and gud (jaggery) from Maharashtra.

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The box also contained a meticulously handcrafted idol of Lord Ganesha, a revered Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles. This idol was created by a family of fifth-generation silversmiths from Kolkata.

Additionally, a silver diya (oil lamp) was included, which holds a sacred place in Hindu households. The diya was also skillfully crafted by artisans from the same silversmith family in Kolkata.

Modi US

In addition to these thoughtful gifts, PM Modi presented President Biden with a copy of the first edition print of ‘The Ten Principal Upanishads.’ This book, co-authored by WB Yeats and Shri Purohit Swami, is an English translation of the Indian Upanishads.

The collaboration between Yeats and Shri Purohit Swami spanned the 1930s, resulting in this remarkable work. The copy gifted to President Biden was published by M/s Faber and Faber Ltd of London and printed at the University Press Glasgow.

Modi US

PM Modi’s gesture of presenting these gifts to the First Lady and President of the United States not only signifies the importance of the occasion but also highlights the rich cultural heritage and values of India. The selection of each item showcases the diverse craftsmanship, traditional art forms, and spiritual significance embedded in Indian culture.

This exchange of gifts reflects the growing friendship and partnership between India and the United States. It serves as a reminder of the shared values and aspirations of the two nations as they work together to address global challenges, foster sustainable development, and strengthen bilateral relations.

The lab-grown green diamond and the accompanying gifts will undoubtedly serve as a lasting symbol of the strong bonds between India and the United States, as well as the commitment to sustainable practices and cultural exchange.