Droupadi Murmu

Delhi, June 06: Suriname has bestowed its highest civilian honor, The Grand Order of the Chain of Yellow Star, upon President Droupadi Murmu, making her the first Indian to receive this prestigious award.

President Murmu was presented with the award by Suriname’s President Chandrikapersad Santokhi during a ceremony held in Suriname.

Expressing her gratitude, President Murmu acknowledged the significance of this honor, not only for herself but also for the people of India.

“I am greatly honored to receive Suriname’s highest distinction, the ‘Grand Order of the Chain of the Yellow Star.’ This recognition holds tremendous significance, not only for me but also for the 1.4 billion people of India whom I represent,” President Murmu tweeted.

She dedicated the award to the Indian-Surinamese community, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to strengthening the bond between the two nations.

“I also dedicate this honor to the successive generations of the Indian-Surinamese community, who have played a stellar role in enriching the fraternal ties between our two countries,” President Murmu added.

President Droupadi Murmu commenced her state visit to Serbia and Suriname by arriving in Paramaribo, Suriname on June 4. She was accorded a warm reception with full state honors at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport by President Chandrikapersad Santokhi.

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During her visit, President Murmu held a meeting with her counterpart at the Presidential Palace in Paramaribo, where she expressed her appreciation for President Santokhi’s warm hospitality. She also noted the prevalence of the Hindi language in Suriname, which evoked a sense of familiarity with India.

As part of the visit, India and Suriname signed four significant Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) in the areas of health, agriculture, and capacity building. These agreements were signed following delegation-level talks led by President Murmu.

Addressing the occasion, President Murmu expressed her delight in visiting Suriname on her first State Visit as the President of India, coinciding with Suriname’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of Indians in the country.

This visit marks an important milestone in strengthening the bilateral relations between India and Suriname, fostering greater cooperation and mutual understanding.

The recognition bestowed upon President Droupadi Murmu highlights the deepening ties between India and Suriname and serves as a symbol of appreciation for her remarkable contributions.