Price hike of Petrol-Diesel in Assam.
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Assam hikes petrol-diesel prices:

Guwahati, April 21: Price hike of Petrol-Diesel in Assam. When the crude oil price in the international market went down, the Assam government has decided to hike the price of petrol and diesel in the state.

The new prices of petrol, diesel and other motor spirits will come into effect from April 22.

On Tuesday, the Assam Finance department has issued a notification and modified the rates of Assam Value Added Tax of diesel, petrol, and other motor spirits.


The government notification stated that price hike of Petrol-Diesel in Assam, Value Added Tax for diesel has fixed as 23.66 paise in the rupee or Rs 17.45 per liter, whichever is higher and the tax for petrol and other motor spirits as 32.66 paise in the rupee or Rs 22.63 per lire, whichever is higher.

On April 21, the petrol price in Guwahati is Rs 71.59 per liter and diesel price is Rs 65.05 per liter.

The decision has taken by the state government to meet financial exigencies of the state emerged due to the novel Coronavirus lockdown.

Lastly, Assam had increased Assam Value Added Tax on petrol and petrol in 2017.

Assam has reported 34 positive cases for COVID-19 so far and one patient hailing from Hailakandi district was died due to the dreaded virus.

A total of 19 COVID-19 patients of the state were released from the hospitals so far.