Cheetah India

Delhi, Sep 16: After 70 years of extinction, India is finally going to get eight Cheetahs on September 17 as a part of the Cheetah Reintroduction Programme.

The big cats are being brought from Southern Africa’s Namibia and will be kept at KUNO National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday on September 17 will reintroduce the animal to the country.

Chief of Project Cheetah SP Yadav informed that Prime Minister Modi will release only 3 out of 8 cheetahs in quarantine enclosures. The rest of the five will be released into their own separate quarantine enclosures.

The crates will be made of wood, sized 112x114x84 cm. They will set out from Namibia around 5 pm on Sep 16 & should reach our country by an estimated 6 am the following day. We’re hoping they will reach Kuno by 7.30 am.

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The aircraft will have 8 cheetahs, crew, wildlife experts, veterinary doctors, scientists, officials, Indian High Commissioner in Namibia, Laurie Marker Cheetah expert along with her 3 biologists. Special crates as per international standards used to bring the Cheetahs

Satellite radio collars have been put on each Cheetah for their geolocation updates which will be monitored. Each Cheetah will also be given a dedicated monitoring team that will monitor it, patrol it, and updates us with any of its movements.

As per the PMO statement, “PM Modi will visit Madhya Pradesh on September 17 and at around 10:45 AM he will release cheetahs in Kuno National Park”. Three helipads are being built inside the KNP and four are coming up outside the park for the expected VVIP movement.

A total of eight Cheetahs (five females and eight males) will be brought to India aboard an Indian aircraft.