Pu R.Lalramnghaka attend the meeting of the State task force for COVID-19 vaccination

Mizoram, March 12: The third sitting of “State Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccination” presided by its Chairman Pu R.Lalramnghaka, Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department was held at SAD Conference Hall, MINECO on Friday.

It was reported in the meeting that 1, 28,840 doses of COVID-19 vaccine “COVISHIELD” (January – 35000, February – 75400, March – 18440) were received yesterday.

Of these, 5110 doses are reserved for Armed forces under the Central Government stationed in Mizoram.

Up to 10th March 2021, 11753 Healthcare workers have been administered the 1st dose of the vaccine, of which 9797 of also been given the second dose recently.

18534 Frontline workers were also given the first shot and 2 of them were administered the 2nd dose.

10199 senior citizens (60 years and above) and 825 co-morbid persons within the age group 45 – 59 have also been given the first shot.

The meeting Pu R.Lalramnghaka appreciated the overwhelming cooperation and full support from NGOs such as YMA/LLTF and COVID-19 volunteers.