Meghalaya GNLA

Shillong, May 15: Officials in Meghalaya have reported that the banned Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) is regrouping in the western part of the state. The outlawed organization is allegedly attempting to recruit young individuals from the Garo Hills region and send them to Myanmar for training in basic guerrilla warfare. The state administration has taken immediate action to prevent these activities and is closely monitoring the actions of surrendered GNLA members.

A senior official from the home department revealed that they have received internal intelligence suggesting the regrouping of the GNLA. Measures have already been put in place to address this issue. The recruitment of youths has been identified, and there have been attempts to send them to Myanmar for guerrilla warfare training.

To address the situation, a special branch deputy SP sent a wireless message to all police stations in Meghalaya, urging them to enhance their intelligence networks and monitor the movements of former GNLA members.

The message specifically emphasized the need to closely observe the activities of surrendered or arrested GNLA cadres, as well as individuals who may have links to the organization, such as overground workers and businessmen.

The state police have been instructed to carry out counter-insurgency operations and conduct raids to prevent the GNLA from establishing its operational base in the Garo Hills region. Additionally, reports indicate that meetings have taken place in Shahlang, Jadi, and Nongalbibra areas to encourage young people to join the banned organization.

It is worth noting that the GNLA disbanded in 2018, with its members surrendering in batches. However, recent developments indicate a resurgence of the group, necessitating swift action by the authorities to ensure the safety and security of the region.

The state administration remains committed to combating insurgent activities and maintaining peace in Meghalaya. The regrouping of the GNLA poses a threat to the stability of the western part of the state, and it is crucial to dismantle their operations effectively. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies and intelligence networks will play a vital role in addressing this challenge.

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By actively monitoring the movements and activities of former GNLA members and their associates, the authorities aim to disrupt their plans and prevent any potential violence or unrest. It is imperative to prevent the recruitment and training of young individuals for guerrilla warfare, as it poses a serious threat to the security and well-being of the state.

The state police will continue their efforts to counter-insurgency activities, ensuring the safety of the citizens and maintaining law and order. The ongoing operations and raids will deny the GNLA its area of operation, limiting its ability to carry out disruptive activities in the Garo Hills region.

The authorities are dedicated to upholding peace and security in Meghalaya, and they will remain vigilant in combating any resurgence of outlawed organizations. Through proactive measures, effective intelligence gathering, and coordinated operations, the state aims to eliminate the threat posed by the GNLA and ensure the well-being of its residents.

The disbandment of the GNLA in 2018 was a significant achievement, but the recent signs of regrouping necessitate swift action. The state administration, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, will continue to work tirelessly to counter any attempts to revive the banned organization. By disrupting their activities and dismantling their networks, the authorities are determined to protect the state’s interests and maintain peace and stability in Meghalaya’s western region.