Judge RSS

1. Retired Justice Dash praised the RSS for shaping his personality and instilling courage and patriotism.
2. He disclosed his lifelong association with the RSS, beginning in childhood.
3. Despite his RSS ties, he assured impartiality in his judicial duties over the years.

Kolkata, May 21: Justice Chitta Ranjan Dash, a Calcutta High Court judge, recently retired and made notable remarks about his longstanding association with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

During his farewell speech, Justice Dash credited the RSS for significantly shaping his personality and instilling in him values such as courage, uprightness, and patriotism.

Justice Dash shared that his association with the RSS began in his childhood. Reflecting on this connection, he stated, “Today, I must unfold my true self. I owe a lot to one organization. I have been with the RSS from my childhood until I attained my youth. I have learned to be courageous, upright, have equal views for others, and above all, a sense of patriotism and commitment to the work wherever you work.”

He openly admitted, “I must admit here that I was and I am a member of the RSS.”

However, Justice Dash also emphasized that he distanced himself from the RSS upon assuming his judicial role to maintain impartiality. He assured that he had handled all cases and litigants fairly, regardless of their political affiliations.

“I have distanced myself from the organization (RSS) for about 37 years due to the work I undertook. I never used the membership of my organization for any advancement of my career, because that is against our principle,” he explained.

Justice Dash further clarified his approach to justice, saying, “I have treated everybody at par, be it a Communist person, be it a BJP or Congress or even TMC (Trinamool Congress) person. I do not have any bias against anybody. I do not have any bias against any political personality. All were equal before me. I tried to dispense justice on two principles: one is empathy and second is law can be bent to do justice, but justice cannot be bent to suit the law.”

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Born in Odisha, Justice Dash began his legal career by enrolling as an advocate in 1986.

He entered the Odisha judicial service in 1999, serving as an Additional District and Sessions Judge in various parts of the state. His career progressed as he was appointed as Registrar (Administration) of the Orissa High Court.

Justice Dash was elevated to the position of an additional judge of the Orissa High Court on October 10, 2009. He later transferred to the Calcutta High Court on June 20, 2022.

Throughout his judicial career, Justice Dash remained committed to his principles, ensuring that his decisions were guided by fairness and a deep sense of justice.

In his retirement, Justice Dash’s candid revelations about his RSS membership and his commitment to judicial impartiality highlight the complex interplay between personal beliefs and professional responsibilities.

His tenure serves as a testament to his dedication to upholding the law and delivering justice without prejudice.