Salman Khan

Mumbai, Dec 26: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was bitten by a snake at his farmhouse in Panvel in the wee hours of Sunday. He was rushed to a private hospital in the Kamothe area of Navi Mumbai for treatment.

As per the reports, he was bitten by a non-poisonous snake. After getting treated, Salman Khan was discharged from the hospital. The actor is now taking a rest at home.

Salman Khan, who will turn a year older tomorrow on December 27, is currently at his farmhouse. It is observed that the biting episode happened in a garden area outside the main sitting promenade. Salman’s farmhouse is huge and sits on a lot of jungle and forest terrain. There is immense foliage, flora, and fauna with several birds and animals.

A source revealed that Salman was sitting and chatting with some friends when the incident happened. “This incident happened on Saturday night when he was sitting and speaking to his friends. He felt a sudden sting in his arm and jerked it around. That’s when his friend saw the snake and they immediately panicked and shouted for help,” a source said.

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He recovered and now is back at the Panvel farmhouse. The snake was not venomous and Salman is doing fine. A source close to the actor said, “Salman has seen many snakes in and around this farm. He has always asked his caretakers to be extra careful. This was the first time he had a snake bite.”

Sources added that Salman will ring on his birthday at the Panvel farmhouse tonight with some friends and family. Earlier it was reported that the actor has decided to keep his 56th birthday celebration low-key.