Sambalpur water

Sambalpur, June 03: Rising temperatures in Sambalpur city in Odisha have led to a severe shortage of water in many areas. Localities such as Bhatra, Chandan Nagar, Charbhati, Cheruapara, Durgapali, Kanijuri, Putibandh, Sunapali, Talbhatapara, and several others are facing an acute shortage of drinking water, with residents alleging irregular and inadequate distribution.

Residents of the Bhatra area, a part of the city, expressed their concerns about the recurring problem of irregular water supply and water scarcity in their locality. They shared their frustration, stating that every year they face water shortages.

“Irregular water supply is a common problem in our locality. Every year, we experience water scarcity in our area,” said a local.

Bramheswar Das, the Executive Engineer of the Public Health Engineering Organization (PHEO), acknowledged that certain areas on the outskirts of Sambalpur are indeed facing water scarcity. However, he reassured residents that steps are being taken to address the situation.

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Das highlighted that the water scarcity issue in Cheruapara has already been resolved, and measures have been taken to address water supply problems in other areas as well.

He assured residents that the PHEO is actively monitoring the water supply problem in Bhatra and that it will be resolved shortly. In an effort to mitigate the crisis, the PHEO has deployed 16 water tankers to supply water to the affected areas.

The local authorities seem to be aware of the critical situation and ensure to work diligently to alleviate the water shortage problem. Efforts are being made to monitor and address the issue promptly, acknowledging the importance of access to clean and safe drinking water for the well-being of the residents.

In the face of the current water scarcity, it is crucial for residents to practice water conservation measures and use water judiciously. Additionally, cooperation from the public in reporting any irregularities or concerns regarding water supply can help the authorities in resolving the issues more effectively.

“The water scarcity at Cheruapara has already been resolved. Water supply in some other areas was also addressed,” Das said.

“We are monitoring the water supply problem in Bhatra. That will also be resolved shortly. We have engaged 16 tankers to supply water to crisis areas,” he added.

The authorities are committed to finding a sustainable solution to the water shortage problem in Sambalpur. They are working towards improving the infrastructure and implementing measures to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted water supply to all areas of the city, especially during the hot summer months.

It is hoped that the collective efforts of the government, local authorities, and residents will alleviate the water scarcity issue in Sambalpur, ensuring that all residents have access to an adequate and consistent supply of clean drinking water.