Aizawl, Sept 18: A 24-year-old prisoner named Vanrampana, who had previously made headlines by escaping from jail and police custody, found himself back in handcuffs on Monday after being caught on CCTV footage during a burglary in Aizawl’s Kanan neighborhood.

This latest escapade came just days after Vanrampana had executed a daring escape from the Siaha district jail in Mizoram. His audacious journey involved breaking out of jail, visiting a friend at the Aizawl Central Jail, slipping away from police custody, and resuming his criminal activities.

Vanrampana’s exploits began on September 9 when he managed to break free from the under-repair security wall of the Siaha district jail in southern Mizoram. Despite this unexpected escape, he surprisingly reappeared at the Aizawl Central Jail on Friday, where he visited an inmate who happened to be a friend of his.

Authorities at the Central Jail grew suspicious of his behavior, leading to his apprehension. After confirming his identity as the escaped prisoner, they promptly handed him over to the Zonuam Police Station.

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However, Vanrampana’s talent for eluding capture proved persistent, as he managed to slip away from police custody on the same night. With the law enforcement agencies hot on his trail, he once again resurfaced, this time caught on CCTV footage burglarizing a house in Aizawl’s Kanan neighborhood on Sunday. During this incident, he stole a mobile phone and a scooter.

Police intensified their efforts to capture Vanrampana following this latest act of criminality. While they lacked facial recognition technology, they had strong reasons to believe that the man in the CCTV footage was indeed Vanrampana. Determined to ensure that he would not escape again, the police launched a focused manhunt.

The sequence of events involving Vanrampana has both astonished and confounded authorities and the public alike. His ability to break out of jail, reappear at another correctional facility, and then evade capture after being apprehended speaks to his audacity and resourcefulness as a fugitive. Nevertheless, with his recent rearrest, it appears that Vanrampana’s streak of freedom may have finally come to an end.