Tripura denomination notes

Agartala, June 03: Three individuals have been detained in the Dhalai district of Tripura for carrying a staggering amount of Rs 56 lakh, all in Rs 2,000 denomination notes. The incident has raised suspicions as the high denomination notes are currently being phased out by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The trio, identified as Kishore Kumar from Uttar Pradesh, Rajan Kumar Sonia from Bihar, and Sonkumar from Maharashtra, were traveling in a vehicle with an Uttar Pradesh number plate from Ambassa to Agartala when they were apprehended at the Bethbagan check gate on Thursday evening.

During a search of the vehicle, police discovered six bundles containing a total of 2,800 notes hidden in a secret chamber. The three individuals, aged between 27 and 36 years, were immediately taken into custody for further interrogation.

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Authorities have requested them to provide the necessary documents to account for the substantial amount of unexplained cash they were carrying. If they fail to do so, the Income Tax department will be involved in the investigation.

According to the detained individuals, they are engaged in a jewelry business in Uttar Pradesh and had traveled to Ambassa to exchange the cash. However, it remains unclear whether their purpose was to convert the Rs 2,000 notes into lower denominations or to purchase gold. The police have initiated a thorough investigation to trace the origin and intended destination of the money. If required, the Income Tax department will be called upon to assist in the probe.

It is worth noting that the RBI had recently urged the public to deposit their Rs 2,000 banknotes into their own accounts or exchange them for other denominations by September 30, 2023. This move aims to gradually phase out the high denomination notes and promote the circulation of lower denomination currency.

The detention of these individuals with a substantial amount of Rs 2,000 notes raises concerns about the potential involvement of black money or illegal transactions. Authorities are determined to uncover the source and purpose of the money, ensuring that it complies with legal regulations. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to combat financial irregularities and maintain transparency in monetary transactions.

As the investigation progresses, it will be crucial to gather additional evidence and verify the claims made by the detained individuals. The collaboration between the police and the Income Tax department will play a vital role in uncovering any illicit activities associated with the seized cash.

The outcome of this case will have implications not only for the individuals involved but also for the broader efforts to curb black money circulation and promote a more accountable financial system.