Mahua Kaali

Kolkata, July 05: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has condemned party MP Mahua Moitra’s remarks on Goddess Kaali where she called the Hindu deity a “meat-eating, alcohol-accepting goddess”.

“The comments made by @MahuaMoitra at the #IndiaTodayConclaveEast2022 and her views expressed on Goddess Kali have been made in her personal capacity and are NOT ENDORSED BY THE PARTY in ANY MANNER OR FORM. All India Trinamool Congress strongly condemns such comments,” the tweet put out by the official handle of TMC read.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave East 2022 on Tuesday, Mahua Moitra reacted to a controversy over a movie poster showing Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette.

“Kaali to me is a meat-eating, alcohol-accepting goddess. You have the freedom to imagine your goddess. There are some places where whiskey is offered to gods and in some other places it would be blasphemy,” Moitra said while speaking on day 2 of India Today Conclave East 2022.

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“When you go to Sikkim, you will see that they offer whiskey to Goddess Kaali. But if you go to Uttar Pradesh, and if you tell them that you offer whiskey to the goddess as ‘prasad’, they will call it blasphemy,” said Moitra.