1. Puneet Agarwal, Tripura’s CEO, assures readiness for Lok Sabha vote counting on June 4.
2. Inspection of the counting hall and strong room at Umakanta Academy ensures preparedness.
3. Security measures include CCTV, firefighting equipment, and a three-tier security system for each center.

Agartala, May 23: Tripura’s Chief Electoral Officer, Puneet Agarwal, confirmed on Wednesday that all arrangements have been finalized for the smooth counting of Lok Sabha votes on June 4.

After inspecting a counting hall and a strong room at Umakanta Academy in Agartala, CEO Agarwal assured that preparations were ahead of schedule for the vote counting scheduled on June 4.

He emphasized that comprehensive measures were in place across all 60 counting halls, spread across 20 different sites, to ensure an organized and efficient process.

Each counting center is equipped with essential facilities such as CCTV systems, firefighting equipment, a three-tier security system, and uninterrupted power supply.

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Agarwal highlighted that administrative officials and representatives from various political parties are continuously reviewing the security arrangements for the strong rooms.

He further mentioned that there have been no complaints regarding the security of the strong rooms so far.

Agarwal outlined the three-layer security system, which includes the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), State Armed Forces, and Tripura Police, emphasizing ongoing efforts to bolster security measures.

The Chief Electoral Officer expressed satisfaction with the existing security measures at the strong rooms spread across the state, indicating a proactive approach to ensure the integrity of the electoral process.