Tripura pineapples

Agartala, April 22: The government of Tripura is planning to establish an auction market for pineapples in Delhi. The State government is taking steps to boost the state’s rural economy and increase the export volume of horticultural produce by focusing on cultivation and processing, according to Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister Ratan Lal Nath.

After visiting the Nagicherra Horticulture Research Centre, Nath stated that the government has introduced the best quality pineapple variety to the global community in its five-year rule, resulting in a manifold increase in farmers’ income.

Pineapples from Tripura have attracted huge demand in the Middle East and European countries, as well as major Indian cities. In an effort to further enhance the market for pineapples, Nath announced plans to open an auction market for the fruit in New Delhi, with harvesting set to commence next month.

Nath also highlighted that the government has stabilised the pineapple market in the state, ensuring a decent price for farmers. Prior to 2018, pineapples would sell for Rs 1-2 per piece, and during peak season, the fruits would be dumped on the roadside as there were no buyers.

However, the situation has improved over the past five years, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, pineapples from Tripura were exported.

The Tripura government’s efforts to boost the horticulture industry have had a positive impact on the state’s economy. The state’s pineapple exports have increased significantly, and with the opening of the auction market in New Delhi, there are likely to be even more opportunities for farmers to increase their income.

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The Nagicherra Horticulture Research Centre, which Nath visited, is one of the key institutions supporting the state’s horticultural development. The centre conducts research on a variety of crops, including pineapples, and develops new varieties of crops that are suitable for the local climate and market.

In addition to pineapples, Tripura is also known for its oranges, lemons, and passion fruits. The state government is committed to promoting the cultivation and processing of these crops, as well as others, to create more opportunities for farmers and increase the state’s export volume.

Overall, the Tripura government’s efforts to boost the horticulture industry and increase the export volume of products such as pineapples are positive steps towards enhancing the state’s economy and creating more opportunities for farmers.

With the opening of the auction market in New Delhi, it is likely that the demand for Tripura’s pineapples will increase even further, bringing in more income for farmers and boosting the state’s economy.