ghosts hostel

Agartala, July 04: An eerie atmosphere prevailed at Kasturba Gandhi Girls’ Hostel located at Ambassa in Dhalai district of Tripura with rumors of ‘ghosts’ wandering its premises spreading like wildfire.

Notably, this is not the first instance of such a nature. Four years back some students vacated the hostel reportedly after they got scared of witnessing something paranormal at the same hostel.

Panic-stricken students are leaving their rooms as they fear continuing their stay at the hostel.

The warden of the hostel informed that on June 27, three girls reportedly noticed some figure wearing white clothes and they fell ill out of panic.

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Then they left the hostel. And on the very next day, the same thing happened to two more residents.

The school authority has convened an emergency meeting with the guardians, local people, and education department officials. But the rumor of the existence of unnatural and paranormal powers in the area has turned the situation more complex.

All the 50 resident girls and their guardians already informed the school authority that they are vacating the hostel.

The hostel in the remote Ganganagar area hit the news headlines in 2018 when a resident girl started to behave frantically and warned other inmates to leave the hostel to save their lives.

After witnessing the shocking behaviour, the inmates started to vacate their rooms. Though after the initiative of the administration it was discovered that using the lack of security some narcotics gangs plotted to create a panicking situation to force the inmates to leave the hostel.