Tripura ganja

Agartala, June 07: Tripura Police successfully confiscated ganja worth Rs 2.80 crore from two different locations in the state. One suspect has been arrested in connection with the seizure.

The SP of Dhalai district, Avinash Rai, reported that the police discovered 897 kilograms of ganja in a container in Ambassa, estimated to be valued at Rs 2 crore. The seizure took place during a routine vehicle inspection by the Tripura police’s highway mobile team in Ambassa. An unattended container truck parked near the highway raised suspicion, leading to a thorough examination. The police uncovered a hidden compartment inside the vehicle, which contained 54 packets of ganja weighing a total of 897 kilograms.

In a separate incident in the Khowai district, the police intercepted a suspect named Akash Debbarma while he was traveling toward Assam in his Hyundai car.

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During a routine inspection, officers found 48 packets of ganja in the vehicle, with an estimated value of Rs 80 lakh. Debbarma, a resident of Mandwai in the West District, was promptly arrested.

Both cases are under investigation, as authorities aim to unravel any potential links or networks involved in the illegal drug trade.