Two drug peddlers arrested in Kolkata in Pamela Goswami drug case

Kolkata, March 10: Kolkata police arrested two more people in connection with BJP leaders Pamela Goswami and Rakesh Singh, who was arrested last month in a cocaine drug haul case.

The latest arrests in the Pamela Goswami case are that of 26-year-old Farhan Ahmed and 25-year-old Daim Akhtar, both of whom are drug peddlers.

Ten grams of cocaine in a small plastic pouch was also found in possession of Farhan Ahmed.

Earlier on Tuesday, police arrested a woman from New Town near Kolkata in connection with the cocaine haul case of arrested BJP leader Rakesh Singh and youth leader Pamela Goswami.

Police have found the woman used to allegedly purchase cocaine from drug peddlers for Rakesh Singh.

We have arrested a woman in the New Alipore drugs case. She was engaged by Rakesh Singh to procure cocaine from drug peddlers,” the police said.

She purchased cocaine at the rate of Rs 9,500 per gram and handed it to Rakesh Singh. We are finding out whether she is associated with other drug peddlers. We arrested her on Monday night from her residence in New Town,” an officer said.

Around 10 people have been arrested so far in the drug haul case lodged under sections of the NDPS Act.

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BJP youth leader Pamela Goswami along with her friend Prabir Kumar Dey and private security guard Somnath Chatterjee was arrested last month from south Kolkata’s New Alipore area with allegedly around 90 gm of cocaine that was found in her car.

Based on her statement, BJP’s state committee member Rakesh Singh and another person, who was accompanying him, were arrested from Galsi in Purba Bardhaman district.

Another close aide of Rakesh was arrested last week from the Orphanganj Road area.