Chennai, Dec 22: A shocking crime involving minors, blackmail which ended up in murder was unraveled by Chennai Police.

A 20-year-old Premkumar who was a college student got attacked by a gang abducted near Redhills. His friend who witnesses Premkumar being attacked escaped from the spot and alert his parents. A Police complaint was filed.

Cops were shocked to find two 10th standard students behind the abduction while investigating the case.

Premkumar had befriended the girls and at one point allegedly took obscene pictures of them. He then had used the pictures to blackmail them. The girls claim that they’ve given Premkumar nearly Rs.1.5 lakh and were unable to take his torture anymore.

The girls had then taken the help of another boy whom they had befriended through Instagram and devised a plan.

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When Premkumar allegedly asked for more money, the girls asked him to come to a secluded spot in Redhills. As Premkumar reached, a gang surrounded him and before he could react, Premkumar was under attack. His friend who accompanied him escaped and alerted his parents.

But to their shock, the gang had hacked Premkumar to death and buried him in an empty land.

Police traced the culprits through the girls, took them to the crime scene, and retrieved Premkumar’s body. Further investigation is underway.