Amit Shah Kibithoo

Kibithoo, April 13: On April 10, Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister of India, visited Kibithoo, a village located in Arunachal Pradesh, and stayed overnight there. Shah took to Twitter to encourage people to visit Kibithoo, which he referred to as “India’s first village.”

He urged people to appreciate the village’s natural beauty and draw inspiration from its history.

In a tweet that accompanied a video showing the village’s snow-clad mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and valleys, Shah wrote, “Arunachal Pradesh is blessed with immense natural beauty. I urge all to visit Arunachal Pradesh, especially Kibithoo, to be inspired by its history and stunned by nature’s marvels.”

Kibithoo, which is located along the border with China, is India’s easternmost forward post. Shah remarked during his visit that Kibithoo should be called India’s first village rather than it’s last since it is the first place in India where the sun’s rays fall.

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Furthermore, the village has a military history, having been the site of a fierce battle during the Chinese aggression of 1962. Indian soldiers bravely fought against China’s PLA and defended the country’s territory in Kibithoo and neighboring Walong.

Shah’s visit to Kibithoo is likely to raise awareness about the village among the Indian populace and encourage more people to visit it. Kibithoo’s natural beauty, coupled with its rich history, has the potential to attract tourists and bolster the local economy.

Furthermore, Shah’s visit demonstrates the government’s commitment to promoting tourism and development in Arunachal Pradesh, which is a northeastern state of India with great potential for growth.

In conclusion, Amit Shah’s visit to Kibithoo and his subsequent call for people to visit the village will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the local economy and promote tourism in the region. Kibithoo’s unique location and military history, combined with its natural beauty, make it an attractive destination for tourists seeking to explore India’s northeastern region.