US Consul

Aizawl, April 18: US Consul General Melinda Pavek visited Mizoram and met with Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at the Raj Bhavan to discuss shared interests between the two countries. The Governor thanked Pavek and her team for their official visit and they discussed various opportunities in the business sector that Mizoram could offer.

During their conversation, Governor Kambhampati informed Pavek about the huge infrastructure development projects that the Government of India is taking up in the state, including the Bairabi-Sairang Railway Line construction project, which is set to be completed soon, and improvements to existing national highways to 4-lane and 2-lane. He suggested that these projects would lead to unprecedented growth, development, and business opportunities in the state.

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They also discussed opportunities in the horticulture sector, such as bamboo developments and dragon fruits, as well as opportunities in the services sector, including healthcare and paramedical professions, and hospitality. The topic of power generation through hydroelectricity was also discussed.

The meeting between the US Consul General and the Mizoram Governor highlights the growing interest of the international community in Mizoram and its potential for economic growth and development. Mizoram has been making strides in various sectors, including information technology, tourism, and agriculture, and is attracting investors from various parts of India and the world.

Overall, the discussion between the US Consul General and the Mizoram Governor is a positive development for the state and its future growth. It also reflects the increasing importance of Mizoram in the region and the world.