Viral Video: Mahout Combs Elephant's Bob-Cut Hair

Coimbatore, Nov 20: There is a video online showing a bob-cut elephant getting its hair combed, and it is too cute to miss out on. It is quickly becoming a viral video in which the elephant is seen having its hair combed by its mahout.

Despite having bob-cut hair, it looked as though it was enjoying all of the attention. Additionally, it had a prominent tilak on its forehead. The elephant was even able to bend its legs while it was being combed because it needed to be easy for the Mahout.

In the video, the animal can be seen is from Thekkampatti village in Coimbatore. The name of the elephant is named Sengamalam and lives at the Rajagopalaswamy Temple in the town of Mannargudi, but her bob-cut hair has earned her fans across the country.

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The hair of Sengamalam is washed at least once a day during the summer and three times a day during the other seasons, according to her owner Rajagopal. During the hot summer months, her mahout put in a special shower worth 45,000 so that she could keep cool.

Elephants would be on the list of the cutest animals on Earth if someone made one. These gentle creatures are also extremely intelligent.