Viral Video: Woman Cartwheeling In A Skirt And High Heels

Viral, Nov 26: A viral video of a young woman doing a backflip and cartwheeling gets insane attention on the internet, but what makes this video stand out is that she does it while wearing a skirt and heels.

Whether it is dancing or backflips, people showcase their talents on the internet. Every day, several videos of this type circulate, but only the most interesting, unusual, and impressive ones catch the attention of the online community.

Quite unlike the usual cartwheel one might see worn in athletic clothing, this cartwheel is completed wearing a pink ankle-length skirt and black pointy-toe boots.

Parul Arora, a national medalist gymnast with over 242K Instagram followers, uploaded the slo-mo cartwheel reel in the video.

It was all the more impressive due to the caption for the successful and confident flip. A pair of emojis completed the statement. She wrote, “High heels.” See how it goes here:

This video has been viewed 2,60,943 times since it was uploaded, and the numbers are growing. The internet is awed by Parul’s groundbreaking move and is praising her talent.

There is a plethora of hearts and fire emojis in the comment section, as several users confess that they couldn’t pull this look off in sneakers, albeit heels.

Performing a stunt with grace and perfection isn’t something new for Parul. In the past, she performed backflips in sarees as well as a gown with a thigh-high slit in satin blue.