India, Feb 25: Before joining Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mobeen’s viral Pawri trend offline, do watch the video that Manipal Hospitals shared in their post on Facebook. It is a reminder of the fact that it isn’t the time to Pawri because the world isn’t done with the novel coronavirus pandemic just as yet.

In an 11-second clip posted to their Facebook page, a group of five doctors from Manipal Hospitals joined the trend but to send across a significant message in the wake of the pandemic.

Dressed in PPE kits, the doctors pointed to the screen of a laptop that displayed a picture of the deadly virus. “Yeh Manipal Hospitals hai, yeh coronavirus hai, aur aapko Pawri nahi, nahi, nahi karni hai (This is Manipal Hospitals. This is coronavirus and you must not Pawri),” the doctors said.

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The pandemic isn’t over and it’s no time to pawri. Mask up, and stay safe! #PawriHoRaiHai #ManipalHospitals #YourManipal #LifesOn #Healthcare #COVID19 #Coronavirus #SayNoToPawri,” Manipal Hospitals said in the caption of their post on social media.