The USA, June 6: A video has surfaced on social media that shows a teenage girl pushing a bear in her backyard to defend her dogs. The clip shows a bear and two cubs on the wall when three of the pet dogs started barking at them in California.

The bear then starts attacking the dog but 17-year-old Hailey Moronico comes just in time and sprints towards the bear and uses both hands to push the bear off the wall to save her dogs. Hailey shoves the bear, causing the animal to fall backward.

The video shows the bear and the cubs appearing on a wall of the house and the pet dog started barking at him. The bear, in turn, started swatting at the large dog and three small ones that had joined in.

But, Morinico reaches there and pushed the large bear off the wall. The cubs frightened by the loud barking had already left from the place. Morinico then took up one of the smaller dogs, and she and the pets all ran in the opposite direction.