WhatsApp will soon allow group admins to delete chats for everyone in a group

Jan 27: WhatsApp is working on a lot of features to enhance the user experience, as per the reports, the messaging app will soon roll out a new feature that would allow group admins to delete chats for everyone.

The group admins irrespective of the count will have the power to delete messages that are not in sync with the group’s ideology. They can do away with the message before everyone sees it.

Wabetainfo has informed via Twitter that the ability to delete messages in a group will soon be available to Android users on WhatsApp. “If you are a group admin, you will be able to delete any message for everyone in your groups, in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android,” the post says.

As per the screenshot shared by the WhatsApp features tracker, when a group admin deletes a message, a note saying “This was deleted by an admin” will be displayed. This will also help the other members to know which admin deleted the message.

Once rolled out, it would be easier for group admins to delete obscene or objectionable messages. It would also help admins in removing messages that go against the interests of the group.

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A couple of days ago, WhatsApp was reportedly working on the possibility of extending the time limit of the ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ feature. Currently, users only have the option of deleting the message once sent after one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. Soon, users will get the option of deleting messages for everyone seven days after sending them.

WhatsApp features tracker Wabetainfo has reported that WhatsApp is now planning to change the time limit to 7 days and 8 minutes in a future update. Previously, it was also being speculated that WhatsApp would do away with the time limit and keep the option open for users to delete chats for everyone, even after hours, days, years of sending them in a group. But now WhatsApp is planning to modify the current time limit at a later date.