COVID19 Vaccine, Jan 14: Just days before India begins its COVID19 vaccination drive, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan took to Twitter to bust some myths surrounding the vaccine itself.

Three lakh healthcare workers will get vaccinated at 2,934 sites across the country on the first day of the massive nationwide COVID19 vaccination drive.

As India is all set to begin vaccinating people against COVID19, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday answered questions on some Myths going arround the vaccine and whether one can be infected with COVID as well as the effect of vaccination on the fertility of beneficiaries.

COVID19 Vaccine Myth busted by Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan:

  • Can COVID19 vaccine cause infertility in men and women?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that the COVID vaccine could cause infertility in either men or women. “Please trust only official channels of communication of the government to get correct information about COVID19. Kindly do not pay heed to such rumours or information from unverified sources.

  • Are there any known side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccines?

Some individuals may have side-effects such as mild fever and pain at the site of injection and body ache. However, these side-effects are temporary and should go away on their own after some time.

  • Can one catch COVID19 from the vaccine?

You cannot contract COVID19 because you have been inoculated with a vaccine, but it is possible to have caught COVID19 and not realise you have the symptoms until after your vaccination appointment.

Temporary side effects such as mild fever should not be confused as having contracted COVID19.