Bengal, May 27: As Cyclone Yaas wreaked havoc in parts of West Bengal’s coastal district, a video went viral on social media in which a monitor lizard can be seen slowly walking on a waterlogged street in Kolkata.

The sight of the monitor lizard casually strolling around an unidentified neighbourhood left many shocked on Wednesday.

While it is yet to be known where the lizard came from, many social media users claimed the video was shot in Bangur Avenue which has a nearby canal that may have overflowed due to heavy rainfall.

Praveen Angusamy from the Indian Forest Service took to Twitter to say that the lizard was spotted in the DumDum area of Kolkata and asked residents to not harm the animal. sharing the video, he said, “This Water or Bengal monitor lizard was spotted in Dum Dum, Kolkata after heavy rains from #Cyclone Yaas. If you see any wildlife, please inform the forest dept or district admin immediately. Do not try to catch it or try to kill the animal. A safe distance is always advisable.”

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The authenticity of the video is yet to be confirmed. However, if true, this is not the first time that the reptile has been spotted in the Bengal capital.

According to The Telegraph, two monitor lizards, each around 3ft long, were spotted on the Beckbagan side of the La Martiniere for Girls campus in 2015.

While one of them disappeared into a bush, the school guards rescued the other.