Bride calls off the wedding for a really genuine reason!

Uttar Pradesh, June 7: A 22-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj called off her wedding after the groom and his friends turned up drunk at the venue.

As the woman called off the marriage ceremony, her family held the groom and the “baraatis” hostage, asking them to return the gifts they were given when the wedding was fixed.

The groom’s family also called the cops, requesting them to mediate, as the woman refused to budge.

The incident happened at Tikri village of Pratapgarh city in Prayagraj during the wedding ceremony. A farmer in Tikri village had arranged his daughter’s wedding with one Ravindra Patel.

On the wedding day, the groom and some of his friends arrived at the venue in a drunken state.

The woman and her family kept ignoring the groom and his friends’ overtures. The situation took a turn when the groom forced the bride to dance before the “jaimala” ceremony.

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The woman refused to dance which apparently pissed the groom and he created a ruckus. Irked at his behaviour, the woman called off the marriage ceremony and her family kept the groom and his family captive.

The police arrived at the scene to resolve the matter. The woman refused to marry the man. The matter resolved when the groom’s family agreed to return the cash and other items to the woman’s family.