fake Aadhaar cards

Imphal, October 1: At least 14 Myanmar nationals including a woman were arrested by security personnel at Imphal airport in Manipur while they allegedly tried to board a Delhi-bound flight by using fake Aadhaar cards.

According to the reports, the Indigo staff detected the fake Aadhaar cards as the passengers were about to board a Delhi-bound Indigo Flight No. 6E-2209 and immediately informed the airport authority.

The Staff of Foreigners Check Post (FCP) of Imphal airport detained the Myanmar nationals and handed them over to Singjamei police station for further legal action.

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Among the 14 arrested Myanmar nationals, one is a woman while three are juveniles.

The arrested Myanmar nationals were identified as Ciin Deih Sang, Tungbiakmung, Gin Za Tuang, Tuang Nang Suan, um Tual Suan, Zarnsuanpau, Khupbiakthang, Nang Suan Lian, Do Mun Zau, Sing Cin, Gin Khup Pau, Pau Za Lian, Vum Tung Nung, Pau Cin Khai.