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India, October 1: Given the health risks associated with the unavailability of immediate medical services, Sajal Kumar Basu of Shibpur designed an application called ‘Life Link‘ that works on live location and GPS.

This application is meant to avail all the information of the nearest ambulance services so that patients can get hold of an ambulance at the earliest.

For this to work, more and more ambulance services have to register into the application and therefore a statewide awareness programme has been going on in West Bengal for the promotion of Life Link.

Therefore, Basu, a civil engineer and his team has been running this awareness program to get more users and ambulance operators to join this app.

However, he has been facing a lot of restraints from the local ambulance syndicate since the usage of this application will provide multiple options to the user and thereby increase the transparency of the services. This will result in cutting off the provisions for excessive charges demanded by them.

Ambulance services are a much-unorganized sector. Operators charge a huge amount in distress because patients don’t have a lot of databases or contacts or addresses of the ambulance operator,” he said.

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While speaking about the idea of this application, Basu said that he had introduced the ‘Life Link‘ app for emergency services after one of his neighbours lost his life for not getting treatment on time.

A resident of Howrah said “One night I got a call from my neighbour that the neighbour is very sick and wanted my help. The neighbour wanted my car. But, I could not take out the car as there was some kind of road construction going on in that particular area. Those then called for an ambulance and waited for over 1.5 hours but it did not show up. Finally, they took the patient in a rickshaw. The guy died in front of a hospital. Just because he did not get an ambulance fast enough he lost his life.”

This incident hurt Basu and he plans to introduce an app through which people can connect and get medical services in minimum time.

The next morning when I got to know about this, an idea struck me. I thought something should be done to regularize this, to get information about ambulances in any area. I made up my mind to create an app just like others related to taxi services. I contacted a developer. It took around two years to develop this app. This app has three basic facilities. One is for the ambulance, another is blood and the third is a one-point panic button,” Basu said.

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Sajal Kumar shares his plan, “Future planning, in my opinion, is an android app and more than 90% of people use android mobile. It is an android mobile and not IOS. It is a very essential emergency service I believe more than 50% of Indians have in this app, basically city areas. I hope I can maintain this and let’s see. Right now it has only started.”

Apart from the ambulance service, there are facilities like donation and receiving blood and SOS telephone facilities.

My one humble request to all the ambulance operators PAN India to register to this app. Your business will grow. Presently, it might be the case that your number is available to 100-200 people. Once you are registered in this app instead of a hundred people lakhs of people will come to know you. Your business will grow,” the Bengal civil engineer further added.

The app is free for users and doesn’t need to pay a single penny for registration.

There is no payment required in this app. You don’t have to pay any sum of money to anyone. Earlier how you used to negotiate with the customer you can negotiate now also. It will increase your business. At the same time, the user, a common person like me, and all others will get the service from your ambulance. Your business will grow and the user will get a proper service. Please register yourself it is my humble request,” Basu added.

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Basu also requests all to register in this app to get in hand information about getting ambulance in need, getting blood in need, and SOS panic button in their tip of hand free of any service charge to the app.

Life Link runs on GPS and can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free, designed to provide contact details of the nearest ambulance services. At present, a total of more than 1,200 ambulances are registered to the application, out of which 900+ are from Bengal while others are in the parts of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand.