1. Nepal experienced a 4.5 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter in Chitlang, Makwanpur district, as reported by the Nepal Seismological Centre.
2. The seismic event, occurring at 1:20 am local time, fortunately, does not result in any reported casualties.
3. Nepal faces additional challenges as it continues recovery efforts from a previous 6.4 magnitude earthquake on November 3.

Kathmandu, Nov 23: Nepal experienced a seismic event with a magnitude of 4.5, according to the Nepal Seismological Centre. The earthquake’s epicenter was located in Chitlang, situated in the Makwanpur district.

The incident, which occurred at 1:20 am local time, did not result in any reported casualties. This seismic activity comes at a challenging time for Nepal, still in the process of recovering from a more severe 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck on November 3, causing significant loss of life and property.

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The November 3 earthquake had a profound impact, with India swiftly extending emergency aid to Nepal in the form of medical equipment and relief materials. The assistance was crucial in aiding the affected regions in their recovery efforts.

The initial quake, with its epicenter located in a way that its tremors were felt even in New Delhi and parts of northern India, led to 157 reported deaths and numerous injuries. In response to the calamity, India promptly assumed the role of the first responder, dispatching essential medicines and relief materials to support those grappling with the aftermath of the earthquake.

Nepal’s recent experience with seismic activities underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the nation in managing natural disasters. The recurrence of earthquakes poses a continuous threat to the region’s stability, necessitating collaborative efforts and preparedness to mitigate the impact on human lives and infrastructure.

As the affected areas work towards rebuilding and rehabilitation, the international community, including neighboring countries like India, plays a crucial role in providing support and solidarity during these challenging times.