Jaipur kidnapped

Jaipur, Aug 07: Police have successfully handled a 4-month-old innocent child who was kidnapped from the Bangar unit on August 3 from Sawai Mansingh Hospital in the capital Jaipur.

After 3 days, the police handcuffed the child from Pawan Vihar Colony of Rico Industrial Area of ​​Shipra Path police station area. One of the accused, Raju alias Hemendra, who kidnapped the child, has been arrested by the police in the case.

According to the information, the accused Hemendra had 4 daughters in the house and there was no son. In such a situation, Hemendra kidnapped 4-month-old Divyansh from Sawai Mansingh Hospital after doing Reiki for about 1 month in the desire of the son.

The accused took the help of Divyansh’s family members into confidence for several days to carry out the crime and then after seeing the opportunity, kidnapped the child and fled. For 3 days the accused kept this child hidden at his house.

Suddenly, constable Bhim Singh of Mahesh Nagar police station got information from the informer that 4-month-old innocent Divyansh, who went missing from Jaipur city hospital, was seen in a house in Pawan Vihar Colony of Rico Industrial Area of ​​Shipra Path.

On information, Constable Bhim Singh himself reached the colony alone and started collecting information about the accused. After the information was confirmed, constable Bhim Singh with the help of Mahesh Nagar police station caught the accused red-handed along with the child.

During interrogation, it has come to the fore that the accused Raju alias Hemendra was planning to kidnap a child for himself for the last 6 months. He wanted a child, so the accused had also planned to kidnap the child at the Sindhi camp, and railway station.

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But the accused failed in this plan. Seeing the opportunity, the accused managed to steal this child from Sawai Mansingh Hospital.

However, the police are also investigating the role of Hemendra’s family in this entire episode. Police can also arrest other people if the role of the family is found in this kidnapping episode.

The police handed over the child to his family members safely. The family who reached Jaipur after getting the child also looked very happy.

Let us inform you that Ayush, the four-year-old son of Ankur Yogi, a resident of Chandrana, a resident of Sainthal, Dausa, is admitted to the neurosurgery ward in Bangar since July 25.

Ankur was accompanied by their wife Kaila Devi, four-month-old son Divyansh alias Lucky, father Kaluram Rawat, and mother Dholi Devi was also in the hospital. On August 3, Kaluram was feeding the grandson sitting outside the gate of Bangar.

Then a young man walking with them, asking Kaluram to have food, took Divyansh in his lap and started feeding him. Kaluram started eating and the young man kidnapped Divyansh.