1. AICF allocates Rs 2 crore for Praggnandhaaa, Vidit, and Vaishali.
2. Financial aid covers training, coaching, travel, and logistics.
3. Move follows recent successes, aiming to empower Indian chess talent.

New Delhi, Nov 14: All-India Chess Federation (AICF) declared a financial aid package of Rs 2 crore (USD 240,459) for Grandmaster R Praggnandhaa, Grandmaster Vidit Gujarathi, and International Master Vaishali as they gear up for upcoming chess events, marking a historic milestone in the country’s chess history.

AICF President Sanjay Kapoor emphasized the immense potential of Praggnandhaaa, Vidit, and Vaishali to make history in the chess world. He stated, “Our financial backing is a strategic move to empower these exceptional players and ensure they have the support they need to chase victory and etch their names in the annals of chess greatness.”

The financial assistance, encompassing training camps, coaching fees, travel expenses, and logistical requirements, aims to provide the players with the necessary resources to focus entirely on their game. This initiative follows their recent successes, including Praggnandhaa’s runner-up finish in the World Cup and the achievements at the World Grand Swiss, where Vidit and Vaishali secured the Open and Women titles, respectively.

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Chairman of the FIDE Advisory Board, Bharat Chauhan, commended AICF’s commitment to supporting and nurturing chess talent, predicting that this bold move would significantly contribute to the growth and development of Indian chess on the global stage.

Looking ahead, AICF announced the hosting of five International Grandmaster Chess Tournaments in the next two months. This initiative aims to provide opportunities for the next generation of players to earn international title norms, fostering the overall development of chess in India.

Over the past three years, the Indian chess landscape has witnessed significant reforms, showcasing success in over-the-board play and the efficient organization of tournaments. The recent successful hosting of the Chess Olympiad at Chennai has further solidified India’s presence on the world stage. AICF sees a promising future for Indian chess, with a new generation inspired by the legacy of the legendary Viswanathan Anand actively contributing to the nation’s rising prominence in international chess.