Arijit Singh mother hospitalized; Swastika, Srijit appeal for help

Bengal, May 7: Singer Arijit Singh mother is currently admitted to a hospital in Kolkata. The news was confirmed by actress Swastika Mukherjee and filmmaker Srijit Mukherji. Swastika and Srijit, who have been amplifying pleas for medical help amid the pandemic, shared on their respective social media handles that the singer’s mother is in need of A- blood group donor.

Swastika Mukherjee took to Instagram to inform her followers that Arijit Singh mother is admitted to AMRI Dhakuria. “Need A- blood for singer Arijit Singh’s mother admitted in Amri Dhakuria. Need it today. Pls, contact @swatihihihi with verified MALE DONORS (sic),” Swastika’s post read.

Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji also tweeted requesting people to help Arijit Singh, whose mother is admitted to a hospital in Kolkata. Srijit tweeted in Bengali, which roughly translates to, “#Copied A- blood donor is needed for singer Arjit Singh’s mother in Dhakuria Amri tomorrow. Interested donors can contact Nitasha on 8017197476.”

Both Swastika Mukherjee and Srijit Mukherji have been tirelessly amplifying urgent pleas for medical help. Swastika and Srijit’s Instagram handles are replete with posts amplifying requests for ICU beds and oxygen. Several celebrities are using their social media influence to help people in dire need of medical help.