Manipur domination

1. Security forces conducted operations to enhance public safety in vulnerable regions of Manipur
2. Discoveries in the Wangoo Yellangba hill area highlight varied security threats in Manipur.
3. Recovered items indicate risks ranging from arms proliferation to potential insurgent activities.

Imphal, May 09: In recent operations across vulnerable regions of Manipur, security forces conducted extensive searches and area domination initiatives to bolster public safety.

Their efforts yielded a cache of various items, indicating the persistent security challenges faced:

  • One locally manufactured 9mm Pistol with an empty magazine revealed illicit arms proliferation.
  • Six 36-HE Grenades posed severe risks if misused.
  • Three covers of a 2-inch mortar smoke shell hinted at potential incendiary operations.
  • Four empty shells of 2-inch mortar smoke shells suggested prior usage.
  • One Tube launcher indicated plans for deploying projectiles.
  • One BP plate pointed to the presence of armed elements.
  • One Baofeng handheld device facilitated clandestine communication.
  • Two BP vests were found, essential for personnel in high-risk environments.
  • Three cartridge chargers were discovered, crucial for firearm preparation.
  • Two grenade launcher rings hinted at heavy weaponry presence.

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Discovered in the Wangoo Yellangba hill area of Kakching District, these items showcase the diverse security threats across Manipur, from arms proliferation to potential insurgent activities.