BJP candidate

1. Video clip surfaces implicating BJP’s Nyabi Dirchi for urging government officials to vote for her.
2. Alleged violation of election model code of conduct (MCC) sparks controversy in Arunachal Pradesh.
3. Dirchi’s appeal to officials raises concerns about electoral integrity in the Basar (Leparada) constituency.

Itanagar, March 27: The Basar (Leparada) assembly constituency in Arunachal Pradesh has become the center of controversy as a video clip of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) candidate, Nyabi Dirchi, has surfaced, allegedly violating the election model code of conduct (MCC).

In the clip, Dirchi is seen urging government officials to vote for her, citing her official candidacy with the BJP.

Addressing a public rally at Bale Rijo in Tirbin on March 23, Dirchi’s speech, conducted in the Galo language, explicitly appealed to government officials, officers, gaon burahs, and gram panchayat members to support her candidacy, claiming she was endorsed by the government.

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In the video, Dirchi is heard warning of BJP spies tasked with identifying those who don’t comply with her directive, cautioning against repercussions for those who remain neutral.

The directive has raised concerns over ethical conduct and potential coercion.

The Leparada district election officer has acknowledged the matter, stating that the MCC nodal officer is investigating the issue.

Adding to the controversy, another video surfaced implicating Chief Minister Pema Khandu, alleging his violation of the MCC.

In the clip, Khandu purportedly warns against his absence from Basar for five years if BJP candidate Nyabi Dirchi faces defeat.

Furthermore, Anjaw District Planning Officer (DPO) Marto Dirchi faced repercussions for violating the MCC by delivering a political speech in support of Nyabi Dirchi.

The planning department suspended the DPO for engaging in political advocacy during a rally, urging votes for the BJP candidate.

These incidents underscore the sensitivity surrounding electoral integrity and the necessity for parties and officials to uphold ethical standards during campaigning.

Violations such as these not only undermine the credibility of the electoral process but also raise questions about fair and transparent governance practices.