Assembly election

1. BJP in 59th Longding-Pumao Assembly Constituency announces fasting programme on June 2.
2. The programme includes prayers for a favorable election outcome and blessings for BJP candidate Tanpho Wangnaw.
3. BJP members urged to participate in fasting and prayer activities from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

Itanagar, May 21: In anticipation of the forthcoming Assembly Election results, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 59th Longding-Pumao Assembly Constituency has announced a fasting programme scheduled for June 2.

The initiative reflects the party’s dedication to seeking divine intervention for a favorable outcome and ensuring a peaceful and fair electoral process.

A detailed circular issued by the Office of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Longding District outlines the activities planned during this fasting period.

The BJP has urged its members and supporters to participate in various prayer activities at their respective polling booths.

These activities include confession prayers for any perceived wrongdoings during the 2024 election campaign, prayers for a favorable outcome in the election, and blessings for Shri Tanpho Wangnaw, the BJP candidate, and his family.

The circular emphasizes the importance of community involvement in the fasting programme. It calls for prayers for all BJP voters, election agents, and party officials, as well as for the smooth functioning of the electoral process.

This includes prayers for the counting agents and officials who will be involved in the result declaration. The objective is to create a collective spirit of hope and positivity among the BJP supporters and to ensure a peaceful environment during the crucial phase of vote counting.

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Moreover, the programme specifically highlights the significance of praying for the formation of BJP governments at both the central and state levels.

There is a particular focus on three Assembly Constituencies within the Longding District, underscoring the local importance of these areas to the party’s overall strategy.

Panlem Wangpan, Mandal President of the BJP Longding District Unit, has taken a proactive role in promoting the fasting programme.

He has urged all BJP voters to adhere to the schedule and participate in the fasting and prayer activities from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM on June 1, 2024, at their respective polling booths.

This collective act of fasting and prayer is seen as a way to unify the party’s supporters and strengthen their resolve as they await the election results.

The decision to organize such a programme reflects the BJP’s deep-rooted belief in the power of prayer and community solidarity.

By encouraging its members to come together in this spiritual exercise, the party aims to reinforce its commitment to ethical conduct and positive engagement during the electoral process.

In summary, the BJP’s fasting programme on June 2 is more than just a spiritual exercise; it is a strategic move to foster unity, hope, and resilience among its supporters in the 59th Longding-Pumao Assembly Constituency.

As the party awaits the outcome of the Assembly Election, this collective act of devotion aims to pave the way for a favorable and peaceful result.