Arunachal Human Rights

1. The complaint involves a counterfeit voter ID linked to the Bordumsa-Diyun constituency.
2. APSHRC has demanded explanations from the ERO and DEO within 15 days.
3. Potential inquiry recommendations may follow if the officials fail to provide satisfactory responses.

Itanagar, May 24: The Arunachal Pradesh State Human Rights Commission (APSHRC) has taken up a significant complaint concerning electoral integrity in the Changlang district.

A woman has lodged a complaint against election officers, accusing them of failing to address the issue of a ‘forged’ voter ID, highlighting alleged electoral malpractice.

The complaint, initially filed with the Election Commission in June of the previous year, charged electoral authorities with neglecting to act against an individual purportedly in possession of a counterfeit voter identity card.

This individual allegedly submitted a nomination for the Bordumsa-Diyun constituency in the recent assembly elections, which was ultimately rejected.

Highlighting the seriousness of the situation, APSHRC member Bamang Tago expressed concern over the apparent lack of resolution.

He noted that despite hearings held in August 2023 and February 2024, no decisive action had been taken by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of Bordumsa-Diyun or the District Electoral Officer (DEO) of Changlang district.

In response to the complaint, the APSHRC has directed the ERO and DEO to provide a detailed account of proceedings, including explanations for the alleged inaction, within 15 days. Failure to comply with this directive may result in the commission recommending an inquiry into the matter.

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The complainant further alleges that the accused individual, residing in Arunachal Pradesh, had not obtained the necessary Inner Line Permit (ILP), thereby violating regulations.

According to the complaint, the individual fraudulently obtained the voter ID in 2022 after relocating to the Diyun-Bordumsa constituency without proper proof of residency.

The APSHRC’s involvement underscores the importance of maintaining electoral integrity and addressing allegations of malpractice promptly.

The commission’s directive to the electoral officers to submit a detailed report within a specific timeframe aims to ensure accountability and transparency in handling the complaint.

The complaint not only raises questions about the specific incident of the forged voter ID but also points to broader concerns about the effectiveness of electoral oversight and the potential for similar issues to arise in other constituencies.

The APSHRC’s proactive stance in this matter highlights the need for rigorous enforcement of electoral laws and regulations to prevent and address any instances of fraud or malpractice.

This case serves as a reminder of the critical role that human rights and electoral commissions play in safeguarding democratic processes and ensuring that all citizens’ rights are protected.

The outcome of this investigation may have implications for future electoral practices and the overall integrity of the electoral system in Arunachal Pradesh.