Manipur Police

1. Manipur Police apprehended 15 individuals for stealing construction materials from NIT Langol and neighboring properties.
2. The arrests on May 21, 2024, signify a key step in maintaining law and order.
3. This action underscores efforts to combat theft and uphold security in Imphal West District.

Imphal, May 24: Manipur Police made significant strides in their fight against theft and illicit activities by apprehending 15 individuals involved in stealing construction materials from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Langol, and nearby properties in Imphal West District.

The arrests, conducted on May 21, 2024, mark a crucial development in efforts to maintain law and order in the region.

The coordinated operation was a result of persistent efforts by the Manipur Police, who responded to numerous reports of thefts at construction sites in Langol.

Acting on intelligence, the police meticulously planned and executed the operation, which led to the successful capture of the suspects.

A case has been registered against the individuals, and the investigation continues as authorities seek to uncover the full extent of the criminal network involved.

To further strengthen public safety and prevent similar incidents, security forces have ramped up search operations and area domination activities in both hill and valley districts.

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These efforts aim to ensure the uninterrupted movement of essential goods and services.

Notably, security measures have been enhanced along key transportation routes, with 233 and 286 vehicles facilitated for passage on NH-37 and NH-2, respectively.

Stringent security protocols have been put in place at vulnerable locations, supported by security convoys to safeguard the transit of goods and people.

In addition to these measures, a comprehensive strategy has been deployed to reinforce law and order across Manipur.

This strategy includes the establishment of 125 checkpoints in various districts, which act as critical points for police surveillance.

These checkpoints have proven effective, leading to the detention of 132 individuals for various violations, thereby significantly curbing criminal activities in the state.

The proactive steps taken by Manipur Police not only highlight their commitment to combating crime but also reflect a broader initiative to restore and maintain peace and security in the region.

By addressing the immediate issue of theft and enhancing overall security measures, the police are working to create a safer environment for the residents of Manipur.

The ongoing investigation and the intensified security operations underscore a robust approach to law enforcement, aimed at dismantling criminal networks and preventing future incidents.

As the investigation progresses, the police are expected to uncover more details about the thefts and potentially apprehend additional suspects involved in these activities.

The recent arrests and the strengthened security protocols signify a determined effort to uphold the rule of law and protect the interests of the community in Manipur.