Arunachal Football Association

Itanagar, May 22: In an encouraging move to promote sports and identify budding soccer stars, the Arunachal Pradesh Football Association (APFA) has announced the commencement of a summer coaching camp for young boys and girls.

The initiative has garnered appreciation from Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who took to Twitter to commend the efforts of the APFA in nurturing young talents.

The summer coaching camp, organized by the APFA, aims to popularize football, one of the most beloved sports in Arunachal Pradesh, while simultaneously providing a platform for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills and potential. The camp is set to create an environment conducive to learning, development, and overall growth in the sport.

Expressing his appreciation, Chief Minister Pema Khandu tweeted, “Nurturing young talents! Appreciate Arunachal Pradesh Football Association for starting a summer coaching camp for young boys & girls. Such camps will help popularize one of the most liked sports of our State and also help identify budding soccer stars. Good work. Keep it up.”

The APFA’s summer coaching camp is expected to attract enthusiastic participants from various regions of Arunachal Pradesh. The camp will provide young athletes with comprehensive training sessions led by experienced coaches who will focus on refining their technical skills, tactical understanding, physical fitness, and teamwork. This holistic approach aims to equip the participants with the necessary tools to excel in football and contribute to the growth of the sport at the state and national levels.

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Additionally, the coaching camp will serve as a platform for talent identification, where exceptional young players may be scouted for further training and development opportunities. This will not only provide promising athletes with the chance to enhance their skills but also elevate the overall competitiveness and performance of football in Arunachal Pradesh.

The APFA’s commitment to nurturing young talents through the summer coaching camp reflects the state government’s dedication to promoting sports and providing opportunities for youth engagement. By fostering a positive sporting culture and investing in the development of grassroots football, Arunachal Pradesh aims to produce skilled players who can represent the state at various levels of competition.

As the summer coaching camp gets underway, the APFA remains steadfast in its mission to create an inclusive and supportive environment for young football enthusiasts. The association’s efforts, along with the support and encouragement from Chief Minister Pema Khandu, are set to pave the way for a bright future for football in Arunachal Pradesh, while enabling aspiring athletes to realize their dreams and showcase their talent on a larger stage.