Rangpo Railways

Gangtok, May 22: In 2024, Sikkim is set to become accessible by rail from any part of the country, as the construction of the Sevoke-Rangpo Railways in West Bengal and Sikkim nears completion.

This ambitious project involves the construction of a railway line from Sevoke railway station near Siliguri to Rangpo in Sikkim, with a significant portion of the rail network passing through tunnels. With the completion of the 14th and final tunnel in May, the project is progressing swiftly, with the remaining work focusing on laying the railway tracks.

The completion of the Sevoke-Rangpo Railways will herald a new era of connectivity in the region. One of the key benefits will be the tremendous opportunities it creates for tourism. Presently, many tourists face challenges due to the high cost of car rentals, as there are limited alternatives for transportation.

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However, with the introduction of railways, tourists will have more accessible and affordable means of exploring the scenic routes of Sikkim and West Bengal. This, in turn, is expected to bring a new dimension to tourism in the region.

Furthermore, the rail connectivity will enable people from across the country to reach this area at a lower cost. The enhanced accessibility will not only benefit tourism but also have a positive impact on various sectors, including military and defense. The central government will have the opportunity to strengthen security measures in this strategic region.

The rail network will also facilitate swift transportation to the Nathula border near Sikkim, which shares its boundary with Tibet (China).

Although a station was initially built at Rangpo on the Sikkim-Bangladesh border, the plan is to extend the railway line further to Gangtok and finally to the Nathula border. The government is keen to expedite the Sevoke-Rangpo railway project, which will significantly reduce travel time to the border region.

The completion of the Sevoke-Rangpo Railways is a testament to the government’s commitment to improving connectivity and infrastructure in the region.

It will bring numerous benefits, including boosting tourism, facilitating easier access for people from different parts of the country, enhancing security measures, and improving trade opportunities. The project signifies a major milestone in the development of Sikkim and West Bengal, and it is eagerly awaited by both locals and visitors alike.

As the final preparations for the rail network are underway, the dream of direct rail connectivity to Sikkim is gradually transforming into a reality. Once the Sevoke-Rangpo Railways become operational, the region will witness a transformation in communication and transportation, opening up new avenues for growth, development, and progress.