Assam H3N2

Guwahati, March 16: The Assam health department reported one case of the H3N2 infection in the state, as the National Health Mission said a close watch is being kept on the “evolving seasonal influenza through the integrated disease surveillance programme.

The department has started creating awareness of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette while monitoring the situation on a “real-time basis”.

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“Sufficient stock of test kits, medicines, consumables for diagnosis and case management have been maintained in all health facilities including medical colleges,” the National Health Mission in Assam informed.

The department stated that cases of H3N2 and other seasonal influenza have symptoms like cold, fever, body ache, and cough and patients usually recover within a week or so. But high-risk groups such as old people, pregnant women, children, and people with co-morbidities might experience more symptoms and need hospitalisation.