Police YouTube

Guwahati, May 02: Assam Police has launched an official YouTube channel to enhance police-public cooperation in the state.

The channel named “The Assam Police Channel” was launched by the state’s Director General of Police (DGP), G.P. Singh at the police headquarters in Guwahati. The channel has already gained over 15,000 subscribers within 24 hours of its launch.

In addition to the social media handles of the Assam police on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the YouTube channel provides another mode of communication to reach out to the public. The DGP stated that the police aim to strengthen their bond with the citizens of the state and create a safer and more secure society.

The launch event also included the debut of the Assam police folk orchestra and the felicitation of Lankeswar Kalita, a city police constable who saved a boy from committing suicide a few days ago.

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The DGP mentioned that the YouTube channel and cultural initiatives like the folk orchestra will help foster better community relations and improve public understanding of the functioning of the police force. Senior police officials such as Special DGP (Administration) Harmeet Singh, ADGP (SB) Hiren Nath, Guwahati police commissioner Diganta Barah and DIGP (Administration) Partha Sarathi Mahanta were present at the event.

With the launch of the official YouTube channel, the Assam police plan to share videos highlighting their work, initiatives, and achievements, as well as addressing citizens’ concerns and queries. The channel will also help in spreading awareness about various safety measures and regulations.

This initiative by the Assam police will help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the public by making communication more accessible and transparent. It is a commendable step towards creating a safer and more inclusive community, where the police and the public work together towards a common goal of maintaining law and order.