Imphal Airport

Imphal, May 01: In order to reinforce the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system and increase security, the Manipur government has installed a facial recognition system (FRS) at the Imphal Airport, according to Chief Minister N Biren Singh.

The ILP system was implemented in Manipur on January 1, 2020, and calls for foreigners, including citizens of other regions of India, to request permission before travelling to states that are subject to it.

A recent ILP defaulter trying to depart Manipur was recently caught by the FRS system, which is installed at the airport gates, prompting prompt police action.

The use of facial map data for mass surveillance and citizen profiling has raised concerns about potential privacy violations. There are no reliable safeguards regulating the gathering and storage of data because the nation lacks a strong data protection law.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, the minister of civil aviation, unveiled DigiYatra, a programme that allows air travellers to enter the airport in the nation’s capital using facial recognition technology.

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With DigiYatra, airport check-in will be paperless and passenger data can be processed automatically using a facial recognition system at various checkpoints, including security checkpoint areas.

The boarding pass must be scanned in the following step, and the credentials must be given to the airport. The traveller must first scan their bar-coded boarding pass at the airport e-gate before the facial recognition system located at the e-gate verifies their identification and travel documentation.

The passenger can use the e-gate to enter the airport once this process is complete. The traveller must adhere to the standard process to get through security and board the flight.

A traveller must register their information on the DigiYatra app utilizing Aadhaar-based validation and a self-picture capture in order to use the service. Devices running iOS and Android can both download the software.

From the moment of admission to the point of boarding on flights, DigiYatra offers a smooth process, requiring no identification or boarding pass from the passengers. Once implemented, it is claimed that facial recognition technology will cut down on check-in wait times by one-fourth, which will ease airport traffic.