Assam Paper leak

Guwahati, March 18: Two masterminds of the Assam Class 10 general science and Assamese paper leak have fallen in the police net. Kumud Rajkhowa surrendered before the police on Friday soon after DGP GP Singh asked to him to give up or he would face strong action.

Rajkhowa is a science teacher at the Dafalakata Higher Secondary School in Lakhimpur. The other mastermind, Pranab Dutta, who is the headteacher and centre in charge of Dafalakata Higher Secondary School in the district, was arrested on Thursday.

Singh told journalists 27 people – 14 adults and 13 “children in conflict with law” – were arrested. Four others, including a child, were detained and they were being arrested, he added. The minors were lodged in juvenile homes.

“It emerged during the Investigation that Dutta had received 29 sets of question papers but mentioned 28 sets in the register. After stealing a copy of a general science paper, he gave it to Rajkhowa. Rajkhowa then circulated to the students of his school and also sold it to some people,” Singh said.

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“When it was established on Thursday evening that Dutta had also stolen a copy of the Assamese paper and given it to Rajkhowa, we informed the chief minister (Himanta Biswa Sarma), the education minister (Ranoj Pegu) and senior officials in the government,” the DGP said.

The Board of Secondary Education, Assam has rescheduled the exams of the two papers, much to the chagrin of the Class 10 students who continued with their protests.

“Early this morning, we recovered the half-burnt remnants of the papers, taken out (by Dutta) from the safe custody of local police, and sent the same to the forensic science laboratory for an examination,” Singh said.

Dutta said he had received Rs 5,000 from Rajkhowa but the police were not convinced. As he (Dutta) had purchased an SUV recently, the police were verifying the finances.